Monday, May 19, 2008

Bond 22 is Quantum of Solace

QOSThe production has finally opted for a new title for Bond 22.
The final working title is Quantum of Solace.

For more information about this 22nd installment of the James Bond movie series, let's go to:

Quantum of Solace

Daniel Craig will be as amazing as in Casino Royale!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Next James Bond Movie: Bond 22 in 2008

With Daniel Craig the James Bond movie series has been back to its roots:
the spy is made by the man, not by his electronic gizmos.
The public has welcomed this move. So Daniel Craig has been confirmed in his role of Agent 007 by Eon Productions for the next James Bond movie.
It will be the twenty-second installment of the series. That's why the next James Bond has been entitled Bond 22.
Bond 22 should be released in November 2008.

Here the premise:
"Paul Haggis stated that the film will pick up two minutes after Casino Royale, when a wounded Mr. White is confronted by Bond. Daniel Craig noted that the filmmakers have "set up the idea now that there's an organisation out there that needs to be sorted out, and [that Bond has] got a sense of revenge." Eva Green also added that the audience will "understand what's going on in Vesper Lynd's mind." The Algerian boyfriend will be one of the antagonists in the film." (Source: Wikipedia)

James Bond will drive an Aston Martin DBS in Bond 22:

Lucky James!